From-the-Farm is a web site designed to meet the needs of Growers who want to sell directly to all customers, large or small, without the costs of commissions and fees.
It is a simple straight forward site for growers or farmers to list on and is for anybody who likes to save money buying directly from the farm to access and find out what is currently available and where. It will show produce currently available from the farmers in their area or anywhere else in NZ .

Eg: someone in Invercargill will be able to buy tamarillos directly from Northland or a Northlander may find peonies to buy in Southland.

What is different about From-the-farm ?

1/ There are absolutely no fees to use this site – it is free for you to register on, log-in to and list on to find customers for your produce. There is no plan to introduce fees at a later date.

2/ Your customer deals directly with you. You can make whatever arrangements suit you for payment, pick up, delivery or despatch. No commission is payable.

3/ Use this site as a tool to build up your own direct-sell customer list. 

Use this site to include or promote your neighbours’ products as well. Think of what is also being grown around you. Help your customers to access this too to maximise on freight and delivery costs. 

This is a new site and will take a while to build up. Please be patient and keep listing, and keep telling people about it.

Help or further questions? 

Contact: From-The-Farm, P.O. Box 4, Maungatapere, Whangarei 0152 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Tel: 021 0821 9743